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Bedding & Sofa Cleaning Service

Benefits of Cleaning
Stain Removal.png

Remove stains from  fabric

Pets Pee.png

Pet Pee Stains & Odour

To remove dust mites.png

Elimination of 
dust mite

Eliminating bacteria and germs.png

Remove bacteria & germs

Removal of Sweat & Moisture.png

Remove sweat & Moisture

How to Clean Fabric Furniture?

Dry Vacuum To Remove Dirt Particles


High Temperature Steam Cleaning


Shampoo Scrubbing Stain Removal


Wet Extraction To Remove Dirt Particle


High Temperature
Water Extraction

Our Portfolio
Price List
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Customers' Reviews

Our beloved

pet dog accidentally

urinated on the sofa which caused a stain and odour. I am glad to engage Wash Lab to assist in the stain removal. Fast and trustworthy service!  

I had a home gathering and my guests accidentally spilled some drinks on the sofa. I was worried that I can't remove the stain. My sofa is back to the original colour thanks to Wash Lab. Great job guys!

I was thinking to purchase a new queen size mattress as my old mattress was badly stained. Luckily I stumbled upon Wash Lab and I am happy that my queen size mattress is back to brand new. Thank you for the professional service!

My son always uses an office chair to do his work, even after a work out. This caused some sweat stains on the chair. I was skeptical if the stains can be removed but you guys did a fantastic job removing the stains! 

My fabric sofa was badly stained after my children spilled their food and drinks. I was about to throw the sofa away and my friend recommended Wash Lab. They are professional and friendly and my sofa is cleaned!

Thank you!

Cassie Chua

Edmund Koh

Lee Xiao Yu

Tricia Ong

Jerome Tan

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