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7 Simple Steps for Curtain Services


1. Arrange Time & Date for collection

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2. Curtain Removal Service (Optional)

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3. Weighing & Quotation done on the spot

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4. Dry Cleaning / Washing Process

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5. Packing Cleaned Curtains


6. Delivery at Preferred Time & Date


7. Curtain Installation Service (Optional)

Curtain Service Portfolio

Here are our portfolio of locations we have professionally provided our services (Updated June 2021):
Our dedicated team of curtain professionals are 
specialized in HDB, Private Condo & Landed Property.


Almost every Singapore household uses curtains, ranging from day to night, even blackout curtains. They provide us the much-needed privacy, shading us from the hot sun, noise dampening and even preventing dust from entering into our apartments. Cleaning the curtains can be a challenging task especially when you have multiple rooms.

Here at Wash Lab SG, we provide highly trained professionals to remove and install your curtains. Have multiple rooms? Not to worry as we discreetly tag each curtain and we take pictures before removal to ensure the curtains are installed in the correct rooms.

Honesty is the best policy. We will weigh, count and advice on the cleaning method on the spot, providing you with a quotation. Our price will be fixed and there will not be any changes.

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